Our Current Project:

1959 Karmichael Karrier Gamecock

This vintage fire engine came into the new Zealand fire service in Taupo when it arrived from the Uk.... now we are going to restore it to it's former glory with a bit of a twist!! Watch this space

Forbes Panel and Paint:


Having your vehicle involved in an accident is absolutely Devastating. From making sure the parties at fault are held accountable to figuring out how on earth you are going to get to work the next day!! At Forbes Panel and Paint we are making the process a bit more bearable.

Come into our office and our helpful staff will put you right from the first step, which is making an insurance claim. This can be a task in itself but our staff are equipped with the tools to making your claim process go as smoothly as possible.

We have an Insurance Hotline set up in our office ready for you to use to make your claim, which we will assist you with if you have any questions. This service is complimentary with no obligations.  

Also we can inform you, on your rights with your claim including your choice of repairer. We can then go ahead and book you in on the spot and sort you out with booking our courtesy car.


Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about this service on

(03) 577-52-93